Personalized Indoor & Outdoor Golf Lessons in Tampa, Florida

Take advantage of indoor and outdoor golf lessons from The Wright Way to play Golf in Tampa, Florida. I specialize in providing the best of golf instruction for men, women, and juniors at the beginner as well as mid and high handicap level.

Indoor Lessons

Play different courses with indoor lessons on the golf simulator at The Golfer’s Grail. During your one-hour lesson, you get the benefit of lifelike visual ball flight. The simulator also provides a wide range of data, such as ball speed, club path, and club face angle along with other data.

Outdoor Lessons

Let me teach you the proper grip, posture, swing path, lag, and full finish during a one-hour outdoor lesson. Additionally, I cover pitching and chipping from around the greens and handling different lies, as well as distance and directional control.

Playing Lessons

18 holes or 9 holes, I work with you on alignment, hitting off of difficult lies, different chip and pitch shots, bunker play, course management and the mental approach needed to play your best golf.

Contact me in Tampa, Florida, for lessons that teach you how to pitch properly from 100 yards in.